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Recording & Editing

At Nova Studio, we will record any instrument that your music requires. Furthermore, we will edit those tracks to a modern or vintage professional standard, depending on your preference. Our clients’ satisfaction is top priority! We can also record and edit voice-overs, background/ambient music, jingle music and more.



Nowadays, guitarists and bassists are given almost an infinite amount of options when it comes to choosing their final instrument sound. To meet our clients’ needs, we own a wide variety of professional equipment to help them achieve a professional, memorable and satisfying final instrument tone.


Mixing & Mastering

Nova Studio provides professional, high quality mixing/mastering services for your recorded tracks. We have achieved our unique and recognizable sound through many years of mixing and mastering experience, working with numerous artists of a wide range of genres.


Voice Over

We also record voice-overs! So, if you’re a lector and are looking for a place to produce your recordings, Nova Studio will be happy to help you! Alternatively, if you are not a lector but are still interested in our voice-over recording service, we’ll take care of finding a suitable professional lector and will record his performance in our studio.


Studio Report

We are not only concerned about providing you with a professional finished sound, but are interested in helping you create a professional image. We now offer video services if you’re interested in offering studio update videos to your fans or even just a musical performance clip!